Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My $1,000 monthly goal - savings update

My fiddle is playing much better after $87.00 worth of repairs
I started the month with the goal of saving $1,000.

As anticipated, I hit a few snags, but I still have $385.00 to see me through until February 25th (I'm paid monthly), so it looks like I'm on track to meet my goal!

The snags I hit (so far):

Nasty cell phone bill: $91.30
My bill is normally about $65.00. This was the result of some stupid calls made to a friend who isn't on my calling list, outside of my “free minutes." My fault completely. Note to self: think before you pick up the phone.

Violin repairs: $87.00
I'm playing with an orchestra and practicing seriously again. Over time my violin has become much more difficult to play. I had some cracked seams and a bridge that needed to be addressed. I also went for $40.00 of repairs to my bow, and bought a practice mute -- a courtesy to my neighbours. Considering that the violin sounds about $1,000 better, I'd say it was worth it! PS – Alistair at the sound post is amazing; he spent a hour with me, and really made an effort to work within my budget.

Farewell dinner for a colleague: $30.00
I got off easy on this one, as a coworker insisted on paying more than her share of the bill.

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