Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The $13 Big Mac, or, Urban Laziness 101

I see a lot of odd things in my neighbourhood: Dogs dressed up like bumble bees, people wearing surgical masks to keep their faces warm (I know, it’s weird ), and levels of urban laziness that make a thrifty gal shake her head in dismay.

Would you pay $10.00 in cab fare for a $2.99 burger?
Condo dwellers in my area have always had strange pizza delivery habits. For example, there’s a pizza parlor 100 feet from my building. Yet I see the delivery man in my lobby all the time. He literally just walks the pies across the parking lot. Well, you might say, it’s only $3.00 for delivery (plus tip), why on earth would I put on pants and walk outside when I’m all bundled up under this Snuggie watching Big Bang Theory? And I’d say, well you do have to put on pants to answer the door, regardless...

So, the other day I’m cutting through the same parking lot, and I see a guy getting out of a cab, clutching a Big Mac. It’s about minus fifteen and he’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt – no coat. I realize I am likely witnessing one of two scenarios:
  1. This unfortunate fellow walked over to McD’s for a quick bite and while he was waiting for his hamburger, someone stole his coat. He was thus forced to take a taxi home in order to avoid getting frostbite. He may have also driven there and someone stole his car. In which case he is very unlucky indeed.

  2. Said under-dressed fellow had massive Mac Attack, so he grabbed a cab, grabbed the grub, then turned around and cabbed it back home.
Sadly, the latter scenario seems more likely. And it makes paying $3.00 for pizza delivery look like small fries, when you consider the taxi probably cost him $10.00, given the traffic in my neighbourhood (at 6pm on a weekday, it's pretty much a parking lot).

Did I mention the closest McDonald’s is four blocks away?

Add another entry to the encyclopedia of Wonderful and Whimsical Ways to Waste your Wealth….

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