Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Your Bell rebate cheque: in the trash or in the bank?

You can see the delicacy with which I tore into this -
of course having no idea it was a cheque...

Hey, guess what? Bell Canada is sending out rebates to its home phone customers - and you may have thrown yours out, because it looks a lot like junk mail.

Like everyone else, I get reams of junk from all sorts of companies - Plan your funeral! Find true love! - which I chuck without opening. But I also get "junk" from legitimate companies. Bell in particular has a way of making all their envelopes look the same, so you just have to open their mail containing crappy promos, in case it's, you know, something important.

Having paid my Bell bill already this month, my hand was hovering over the recycling bin in the mail room when I thought, "aww crap, I should really open this." Good thing I did. Inside was a rebate for $67.41 which, according to Bell, is mandated by the CRTC.

It made me a little weak in the knees to think of a cheque going in the garbage, and even shakier being that it's from a company I kind of consider an arch enemy (a longer story for another day). The irony of it going unopened would be somewhat massive.

The lesson here: take a minute and open all your mail from any companies you have or have had business dealings with, even if it it looks like crap.

If you're a Bell customer and haven't received a cheque, take a minute and surf to www.bell.ca/rebate to see if you qualify.

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