Friday, March 18, 2011

Tax refund update: Officially impressed (and stupid)

Thanks Stevie. You're the best. Really.
Okay, Stevie Harper and your Federal Government Jamboree. I am officially impressed. I'm sure this is an improvement that some other, better government (surely not the Liberals) had in process before you were elected a crappy, half-cocked minority, but I digress: I got my tax refund processed faster than ever this year. Exactly one week from submitting via NetFile, my return shows online as assessed, and a refund has been...mailed.

Forehead slap.

I completely forgot that I was going to input my direct deposit information this year. Rats! So it looks like I'll have to wait another 5-10 business days for the cheque show up in my mailbox (has anyone else noticed that Canada Post has been deadly slow lately? Ants tug crumbs faster, I swear.) And another 10,000 business days for the cheque to clear at the bank. I mean c'mon guys. It's a government cheque. You know old penny-pinching, arts- funding-cutting Stevie is totally good for the dough...

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