Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tax refund: Rev Can, bring it.

Let me sing you a song about taxes....
because I'm a sensitive guy and not a robot....
After some typical dithering born out of frugality and coupled with a side of indecision (sounds tasty, but needs hot sauce) I Netfiled my taxes yesterday.  I've read with this method, you can get your return in as little as eight business days. So, the race is on. Let's see what Revenue Canada is made of (other than...uh....Hey, it's early. I won't go there).

I will say this: the online experience this year is much improved. The website is faster, Netfile codes are available through the website, and everything has been streamlined under "My Account." As I recall, last year, I needed about three different passwords just to file my taxes and the website kept seizing up. I blamed Stephen Harper personally for this because it is fun.

The site tells me my return has been "Received" but doesn't assign a date as to when (I submitted it yesterday). I'll be checking this daily to see whether there are any updates.

I'm interested in hearing time lines from others: How long did it take to get your refund last year? Has anyone out there already gotten theirs?

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